28 Feb 2013

Swedish Meatballs, Sorted!

the OH SO YUMMY Swedish Meatballs with mashed potato and greens taken from my Instagram

It’s funny how Melbourne’s weather keep changing each day, just like my mood. One day it's extremely hot, making you feel like you’re in the deepest level of hell and the next day it’s raining and windy that you just want to snuggle up under your blanket, slowly and peacefully falling asleep in your jammies.

I made Swedish Meatballs for my friend who was busy preparing for her exam. I took the responsibility of feeding this poor soul during her exam period .Yes, I am more than happy to cook for others, it’s good to know that your food is going to be enjoyed by others and not just by yourself (I am a loner. Goodness gracious HELP!)

Weeks before she started her exam preparation, we were busy watching food related videos on Youtube (just a typical day in my life) and she kept saying that she wants to try homemade Swedish meatballs, just like the ones from that DIY furniture store. So I decided to give this dish a go.
'You have no Ikea how good they taste' ;)

Since I used the recipe given by the boys from Sortedfood 
(Hi Ben! Hi Barry! Hi Jamie! Hi Mike!
If you guys are reading this.. which I’m pretty sure you’re not), 
I decided not to put their recipe here but I put their Youtube video and blog link for you guys.
I’ve watched almost all of their videos and this is actually the first recipe that I’ve tried and I gotta say, It’s pretty darn good.
You guys should check their other recipes ! They're one of the my favourites food-related Youtube stars. Blokes cooking together in the kitchen is always interesting to watch, haha. 
They're very entertaining and educating too.
Oh, I was so hyped when Barry (one of the guys behind Sortedfood) liked my photo on Instagram !! wohooo!
wot wot Barry liked my picture!
The original recipe calls for a cranberry jelly on the side but I’m not a big fan of sweet sauces so I just skipped it (please excuse my narrow palate and just roll with it, ok?) . But I realised it DOES need that to cut the richness of the sauce so the next time I'm making this again, I'll make sure that I serve it with the cranberry jelly. 
We also made mashed potatoes instead of baked potatoes (because my friend doesn't have an oven at her apartment) to go along with it. My friend was in charge of the mashed potato and she went all out on the butter. When I told her to add more salt, she put more butter instead. 
"It's SALT-ed butter", she said while smirking.
Yes, you're right my friend. You won. 
But I gotta say it was deadly good. 

Here's their video on making this scrumptious Swedish meatballs

army of juicy meatballs ready to be cooked!

I made large quantity of meatballs and only cooked the sauce enough for 2 servings (5 meatballs per person). I stored the rest of the cooked meatballs in the fridge so my friend can easily re-heat them and cook the sauce in less than 10 minutes when needed. I also suggested to her to use the meatballs to make other dishes, just in case she ran out of the sauce’s ingredients or just want to try something new. Pasta with meatballs sounds good, right?

Sortedfood's website: http://sortedfood.com
Sortedfood's Youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/sortedfood
Sortedfood's instagram: sortedfood

Don't forget to send some love for the guys! 


  1. Oh my god I went to Sydney last month and I just had to eat Ikea's meatballs~ asik asik coba ah di rumah :9

    1. Haaa monggo dicoba :3 gampang ko the. Btw, I didn't know you blog! gw follow lewat le bloglovin ya!