24 Dec 2012

Nigella's Breakfast Bruschetta

Wow my internet is not working well for almost a week. Finally I can get this post published.
Not a really 'fresh' post though. 

If you ask who inspires me, in terms of cooking, you might get several names.
Some you might be familiar with, and some are definitely unheard of (mainly because they're the people around me, people that I really know and live with).
Nigella Lawson is probably the first name I would gladly shout out to answer the question.
I first watched her show back in Indonesia, when we were introduced to the world of cable channels.
The channels that I watched the most back in the day were Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, E Channel and Discovery Travel and Living.
You see, Discovery Travel and Living was the most educational among those other channels.
That was when I watched Nigella for the first time.
"I like her!" That's what I had in mind when I first saw her.
She got a great personality, fuss-free style of cooking, merciless and unapologetic perspective to food, and of course, I got to give it to the producer and cameramen of the show. 
The show was indeed screaming food porn in every scene.

I don't care if she has lost some weight now (well, good for her. Although I didn't have any problem with the previous more plumper version of Nigella), I still love her.

This recipe is taken from her show 'Nigella Express'. Quick and dead easy.
Although, I only did 1 out of 3 version of the bruschettas that she made.
Please get your bread sliced thickly if possible. I opt for the thin slices because my toaster is too narrow to fit thick slices of bread. But thin slices still work though, so if you're in the same situation like I am, you're fine!
I've been eating like a maniac for a while so this dish is a perfect break from all the sinful stuff.
Works great as a light breakfast or brunch, or perhaps a lazy savory afternoon snack.
I just cannot say no to sourdough bread.
Growing up eating the usual white bread with only butter and chocolate sprinkle or perhaps with a sprinkle of sugar, this kind of bread is a revelation for me because back in Indonesia, bread is not a staple, thus the very minimum exposure to different range of breads.

Nigella's Breakfast Bruschetta
Adapted from Nigella Express
Makes 2

Ingredients (Tomato Bruschetta):
   1 medium sized juicy plump tomato
   sprinkle of salt and pepper
   olive oil
   2 slices of sourdough bread 

1. Pop the sourdough slices into a toaster while we're making the topping
2. Roughly chop the tomato into bite size pieces, put it into a small bowl and add in the salt 
3. When the toasts are ready, take it off the toaster and lightly drizzle some olive oil on top of them
4. Top the toasts with the chopped tomatoes, sprinkle some pepper and some more olive oil (optional)

These were so simple yet surprisingly good. 
It reminds me how simple food can also be very comforting.

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