10 Sep 2014

My Boring Short Rant


It is pretty hard to start writing again once you took a break from it. In my case, it's not really a "break". I'm just been feeling a bit uninspired lately.
I have graduated since November 2013, took 3 months internship at a bank, went for a 1 month holiday in Melbourne and here I am, back to zero.
Unemployed, currently seeking for a job.
I wrote emails and signed up for job applications on daily basis and I did a lot of interviews these past few weeks but none of them seems to be working the way I wanted them to be. Rejections took a toll on my self-confidence. I did got a job offer from the bank I did the internship for. As much as I love the people there (they're awesome), I just cannot see myself working in a bank. Thus, I politely rejected their offer, which I both kind of regret but feel challenged at the same time.

Maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm being too selfish and unrealistic, but I really want to work where my passion is at. I know that there are a lot of articles, quotes that always say "follow your dreams" or "do what you love". But what if the dream job you have or the person you aspire to be, doesn't get much pay? In the end, getting a job is a way to earn money, isn't it?
My parents always want the best for me. Of course they want their only daughter to succeed in life, make a lot of money, live a good life and have a bright future - which includes having a solid career is the ultimate way to fulfill all that. 

A week ago, I did an interview where I was able to express my passion. It was casual, but yet I was able to speak my mind and not just my grades during uni. Not sure how the result was but I hope I leave a good impression. I am not going to tell you guys what's the company just yet, but its a small starting company (not a corporate giant) owned by a talented rising lady with a lot of passion, someone that inspire me a lot. Maybe it's not a kind of job my parents aspire me to do, but I am determined to just work my butts off !

On a lighter note, since I am still technically jobless right now, I decided to work part time at a 1/15 Coffee as a floor staff, something I used to do back in Melbourne. Ha!
The staff at the cafe are great. The baristas are highly knowledgeable, skilled, friendly (and definitely cheeky!) and they are willing to share their knowledge which is a huge plus in my book.
Oh, did I mention that I work there secretly without my parents knowing?
Yup. I'm daring like that. 

Hope everything turns out well. I'm keeping my faith strong !

"Worry is not believing God will get it right and bitterness is believing God got it wrong" 
- Timothy Keller

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