11 Mar 2015

An awkward start into the world of blogging, again.

It's been 3 months since 2015, and I finally decided to start blogging again.
It's kind of awkward staring at this blank page after the long hault. I keep pressing the "delete" button on my laptop, trying to find the right things to say or any particular stories that I can share (which is pretty difficult when you have a drama free life like I do). 

So here's the deal,
I am now working in the F&B industry, which is the industry I chose and fell in love with ever since I learnt how to cook in my greasy and messy kitchen back in Melbourne. No, I am not working as a cook, I'm currently working as an admin in a kick ass bakery owned by a great pastry chef, and I work closely with the most talented, inspiring people in the business. Despite feeling clueless in some aspects of the business (*cough finance *cough),  I am very thankful to God for giving me the chance to be where I am today.
Hopefully I'm not being much of a burden to the team :)

Apart from working there, I am also still running my cake business with my friend, Emira. Emira is currently pursuing her education in Japan, soon she'll be a legit baker / pastry chef ! I cannot be more proud because she finally doing what she loves to do.
Meanwhile, I am in charge of the business for now. It gets pretty exhausting that I have to balance out my work and my business at the same time, but I know when the time comes, it'll all work out :)
I made a promise with Emira that I will go to Japan and explore the pastry / bakery scene there with her, as soon as I have enough $$$ ! Wait for me Emira-chan !!!

Love life?
Let's just say that him and I decided to go our separate ways.
He knows by heart that long distance relationship is not his thing and along the way I realized that it is not for me either. As much as I didn't want it to happen, it happened.
I'm not going to lie but it has been extremelly difficult. There were times when I just sunk deeply in my own dark thoughts, but I always (somehow) pull myself back up.
We had our ups and downs throughout the 1.5 years we've been together, and it had been the best experience in my life. I have learnt so much about myself, him, and this whole relationship.
All I can say is, it just didn't work out the way we wanted it to be, and that's cool.
I wish him nothing but the best and I will do what it takes to get what is best for me too.

*deep sigh*

OK. On to the next topic!
I was very happy when Aurelia used the recipe on my blog and posted a picture of the end result on her Path ! It might not be much of a big deal for others, but it somehow pushes me to get back on track ! Thank you Aurelia <3 I terribly miss you, girl!

I haven't been cooking for a while and I think I should get back in the kitchen as soon as possible!

This blog has been so dead for so long, it's time to revamp everything!

I have a few recipes that I am very eager to try.
So stay tuned!

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