9 Nov 2012


Despite the always moody and ever-changing weather in Melbourne, the heat is definitely here! So I'm pretty sure it's safe to say "hello summer!"

My summer holiday started early compared to other universities. While some of them are still battling their brains off or haven't even started their exams yet, I already got my results yesterday and I am quiet content with them. I gotta say, it was a rather successful cramming session I did a week before the exam right there! ha.

Since I'm not going anywhere in particular (other than working part time) during this lengthy summer holiday, I've decided to learn how to cook and determined to post my experiences both the good and the bad on this blog. 
I will be posting pictures, recipes that I used, and also some commentary about the end results of the experiments made in the kitchen. Oh, and probably some posts about food that I ate outside. Typical foodie blog, you know the drill.

Not sure if anyone is even interested in reading my poorly constructed and faulty grammar writings, but hey.. At least I'm trying. 

So let the cooking begin! 

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