11 Nov 2012

Long Sunday

It's really weird to be sitting at home like this on a Monday morning and not working. My boss didn't give me my usual Monday morning shift this week. WHY? I'm not thrilled by the amount of shifts I have this week, it's just not enough to keep me busy. 

Melbourne was bright and sunny yesterday thus I decided to go to city after church (battling my huge urge to go home and go back to sleep). I went to Seoul Metro to catch up with my friends who were stressing about their upcoming exams. Imagine me, sitting there while they were arguing about some sort of finance theories and stuff. I, as a marketing / HR student felt like I was in lalaland. Not enough knowledge to join the conversation. 

Seoul Metro is a Korean restaurant tucked inside a car park on Londsdale Street. Actually, we were planning to go to CJ Lunchbar but to my surprise, they were closed. Since when they're closed on Sunday? I remember going there for lunch with friends after church a month ago. bummer. 

Back to Seoul Metro, the place was warm and quiet spacious. The man (who I believe is the owner) was very friendly. We ordered their large rice-cake hotpot, seafood pancake and their fried chicken dish (I forgot the name and forgot to take picture of it too, since it was the last dish that came out and we were already busy eating. ooppss). 

 Priyanka, Su and Michelle 

 Their seafood pancake's probably my favourite Korean seafood pancake by far.
I was actually quiet surprised by how good this was because I have eaten quiet a lot of Korean pancakes and sometimes they just don't fit my taste. Most of the pancakes in other restaurants are too flour-y for me, and they give the tiniest pieces of seafood ever. 
But not this one!
This pancake was crispy, not too thick, quiet eggy and look at those huge chunks of prawns and octopus! 

 The hotpot was yummy too. 
Inside, there's rice cakes, dumplings, pieces of fish cakes, spam and veggies, each were given in a very generous amount. 
My friend, who loves spicy food said that it was quiet spicy, but I didn't have any problem eating it. 
I don't know if her tolerance with spices have gone down, or am I just getting really really good with spices.
It also came with 4 servings of rice. The rice bowls were a little bit smaller than other Korean restaurants, so if any of you is a hard-core rice eater, you might want to ask for extra bowl of rice. 

 Despite being full from eating, I always have a room for a cold roasted milk tea. 
This time, I ordered one with pearls, not herbal jelly like I usually do. 
I like Cha-Time's milk tea the best, especially the roasted one because it's more robust in my opinion.
Also, half sugar is a must for me. I think their pearls and herbal jelly is sweet enough. 
Later that day, I went to Priyanka's apartment for a while and then went out again with my uni friends.

My friends and I went to this very-very-very early Christmas celebration and grabbed something to eat afterwards at Menya (I was still full at that time so I only ordered takoyaki for a snack). 
Vanessa and I were holding those balloons for the whole day. 
I thought the balloons were filled with helium and I tried to suck the helium out of it to get that helium-voice but it didn't work.

 Just when you think I will stop eating, oh no way jose.
Vanessa and I couldn't resist the temptation of cold creamy ice creams.
I got cookies and cream while Vanessa got chocolate coffee fudge (if I'm not mistaken).
The left photo shows how I'm obsessed in keeping my ice cream smooth and round. 
This one was a bit crocked though. 

I probably will be cooking tonight. 
I'll post about it later. 

ps. Anyone going to Coldplay concert tomorrow?

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