1 Jan 2014

Twenty Fourteen

Feeling blessed that God has given us another year to start, hopefully we'll grow into a better human being this year. 
I have to say that 2013 had many ups and downs for me. 
But here are some of the most memorable things happened in my 2013..

  • I started to pick up jogging as my choice of exercise.. Who would have thought that this couch potato's able to jog 11 km?
  • Lost a reasonable kilograms thanks to the jogging routine. 
  • Finally became a senior at the cafe I worked for. Goodbye dishwasher cleaning, hello coffee making!
  • Happily in a relationship for the first time (after 21 years of single life)
  • Had a shitty 21 birthday
  • Found out my passion in cooking
  • Started this Yolks & Forks blog
  • Graduated from uni. Officially a bachelor of commerce majoring in marketing and HRD with distinction. 
  • I didn't eat (and drink) any instant noodles, chips and soft drinks for 1 year. Challenge completed!
  • Went to a number of roadtrips which were totally awesome. 
  • Sadly I have to move back to Indonesia for good
  • Alv and I have to go through long distance relationship.
I'm sure that these were not the only things that happened to me during 2013. I have to check my old diary for more details.
But anyway.. Life goes on..
Everything happened for a reason and I'm sure God has a bigger plan for me in 2014. 

This will sound tacky but I am one of those people who always have a new year resolution list. 
You can call me old fashioned and naive, but I think it's a good way to start the new year with a fresh and positive mind set. 
So let me annoy you with mine.. 


Pray together with mom everyday.
be grateful for everything, ask God for help, pray for others 

Keep running. 
min. 3 times a week, join running events, find running routes

Keep cooking and blog about it.
develop recipes, try new flavours, update blog min. 2 times a week

Be more positive.
less stress, less complaining, enjoy life

Eat healthy. 
no instant noodles, less junk food, drink juices everyday, bring lunchbox to work

Learn how to drive.
drive yourself everywhere, get used to Jakarta's horrible traffic

Save money, start a business.
don't splurge too much, invest, seek opportunities, build connections

I'm keeping it short and sweet this year. 
Nothing too extravagant, just keeping it real and achievable. 
Hope everyone have a blast in 2014!!
 God bless!

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