5 Feb 2014

Lone Diner

I remember the time I stumbled upon an article on Broadsheet Melbourne titled "Table for One" and I can really relate to the topic of self companionship over dinner. Ones should never be afraid of the idea of dining solo. It is a beautiful thing to sit back and enjoy every bit of your time undistracted by constant conversations that needs to be pulled off whenever a company is at sight.  Not saying that eating together with your mates is unpleasant, but everyone should appreciate their own existence and just enjoy the feeling of solitude once in a while.

Me, a frequent lone diner must say that dining by myself is a rather therapeutic experience that often negatively linked with negative impressions. A loner, an anti social, a weirdo, you name it – Seriously, why can’t someone enjoy their food without being judged? 

On with the aspect of therapeutic experience, dining out alone is a way to escape reality or simply to try finding yourself in your very own personal zone. You get to relax and talk to yourself inside your head, sorting out things that have been jumbling around in your brain, writing down ideas before they’re gone, reading your favourite book and most importantly, enjoying the food and drinks you have ordered at any pace that you feel most comfortable with. No rush.

It might take awhile for someone to really cherish this kind of experience, some will take more time and some will just get it right away – it all depends on your personality. Slight awkwardness will most certainly surface during the first few attempts, but as the time goes by, a noticeable improvement and calmness will appear therefore creating a comfortable feeling and a sense of satisfaction. Don’t worry about confused stares given to you from the people from next table, because sometimes, those worries are just in your head so don’t let them get ahead of you. 

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